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God @ Work

God is showing up in places we have never imagined. We thought He was just for Sunday church or mid-week study. But God is showing up in small businesses and on construction sites, in schools, and in politics. He is in factories and at check-out counters, at nurses' stations, and the stock exchange. God is showing up everywhere outside of where we expect Him to be.


God @ Rest

In God@Rest I want to speak to your mind because that is where Jesus promises "rest." This is not about physical rest, taking time off of work, or relaxing by the pool. No, this is about bringing you to that place where the mind, full of worries, stress, and fear, can instead come to the place of God's rest. Do you need this message? I sure do. And many people that I know do too. If your mind took off on a tangent when I mentioned worry, stress, and fear; then you need it also.


God @ Work II

There are many Christians who assume that the only ones "chosen" for the work of the Lord are preachers behind a pulpit. But the work of the Lord needs to be accomplished by all believers. The Great Commission is spoken to everyone, including those in the working world.

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